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Teaching marine biology

In a rocky pool at Linosa ~ explaining different parts of the ecosystem.


'Only those who go where few have been, can see what few have seen'


  • Honu


Our world is full of things waiting to be noticed. Are you awake?


Traversing the vast blue ocean. What will we find?

At the end of everything

Like lemmings we stand and quiver: who will be the first to go? A twitch, a shiver, we rush headlong to the cliff edge ~ into space. None survive!


Field surveys and potential impacts. Here is some coral bleaching.

Beyond the Blue

Remote atoll research

Filming at Suwarrow Atoll.


Complex Polynesian iconography showing honu carrying all the peoples of the world, the waves and oceans, the directions, and the Circle of Infinity.

  • Honu
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